Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Poetry: Strictly Unphilosophical and Uncontemplative

Dear poetry lovers

These verses are not thought stimulating, inspiring or depressing. You don't need a dictionary. You can also do without the intense concentration needed for fools like Wordsworth.

You nedn't be a pro,
To get into Infosys or Wipro.
After all, why should they care,
If you just have to copy software.

From keeping books out of sight
To studying relentlessly day and night,
Xerox machine owners jump in elation
As photocopy is the only option.

Resting on the nose and ears,
Obstructing the flow of tears,
Wipe it with the cloth in the case,
And put it back on your face.

Intellectuals adjust it once in a while,
WHen reading a book or perusing a file.
Use a frame that's snazzy and light,
Remove it before picking a fight.

Sportsmen prefer a plastic lens,
To survive a blow from the opponents.
Teenagers prefer to wear a contact,
To keep their cool-dude image intact.