Friday, January 05, 2007

Screw-Ups VII- My Life Is Dear

Song- My Life is Dear
Artiste- Blue Void

Original Song- Wish You Were Here
Artiste- Pink Floyd

Do you think you can fell,
The wrestler Mitchell?
Make him writhe in pain?
Can you make the guy scream,
And howl a shrill wail?
Fly with his tail?

Why'd'you want me to fell?
Did they get you trade,
Your diamonds and gold?
Your hash and rubies?
Your chairs and your TVs?
Dude go check your brain,
Did you see his range?
He'll walk all over your arms, and beat bones out of shape.

He fight two big bulls and a whole pack of mules, day after day,
Running over lion's corpse, and deforms, the faces of deers,
My life is dear.