Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kunvergram- 2 & 3

Solution to Kunvergram-1

A solar eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes.

First three crackers-

Radha Ganesan

Saranya Balasubramanian

Rahul Singh

Good job!


This game introduces the transformation ‘Remove ___’ and the funda of dummy transformations- an extra transformation to confuse you. Mail your solution to akshay.bhu@gmail.com.

Hoist snipers contain acres high shawl aisles.

Remove I

Replace with O

Replace with L

Replace with M

Replace with Y

Replace with R

Replace with L


This game introduces the transformation ‘Add __’. I’ve also given a dummy transformation.

Those metals eat used long oar prosecute.

Replace with R

Replace with F

Replace with M

Add L

Replace with B

Replace with Y

Replace with R

Monday, April 16, 2007


Solution of Transfixz

Patience (Nice + Tape) -> Induced (Nice + Dud) -> Contrite (Nice + Trot) -> Traitors (Trot + Airs)

The first 3 solutions came from

Vikalp Agarwal

Rahul Singh

Radha Ganesan

Good job! Hope I make life a little tougher for you next time around!


This an old game, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to see an example, but here’s one anyway. Observe the example carefully, and read the explanation. Mail your solutions to akshay.bhu@gmail.com


A dot is name best finger.

Replace with S

Replace with G

Replace with D


Dot -> G -> Dog

Name -> S -> Man’s

Finger -> D -> Friend

Final Sentence- A dog is man’s best friend.

Explanation of the example

In the sentence given, pick some words and apply the transformations given. E.g. in ‘finger’, replace G with D and jumble it up to give ‘friend’. It is not necessary for all words in the sentence to be transformed. It’s up to you to guess which words need to be modified.

Note: The transformations need not be in the order in which they are applied in the sentence.

Hope the rules are clear. You can see the example at the bottom of the page for more clarity. However, unlike the example at the bottom, there is no funda of a dummy transformation, i.e. all transformations given must be applied.


A lasso special should one be sent with naked bees.

Replace With T

Replace With E

Replace With Y

Replace With R

Replace With E

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Word Game- Transfixz

This is a new word game I’ve devised. I’ve made just one now. If you guys like it, please comment; I’ll make some more. Please mail your solutions to akshay.bhu@gmail.com. For general observations, suggestions, and queries please feel free to comment.

Rules: Observe the following example-

Image (Ditch + Treat successfully) ->

Sharp (_______ + Finished) ->

Artist (_______ + Close-by)


Picture (Pit + Cure) -> Pointed (Pit + done) -> Painter (Pit + near)


Using the clues given in the brackets, get two words (e.g. pit & cure)- lets’s call them sub-words; then mix them up to give the main-word (e.g. picture). Now carry over one
of the sub-words to the next set and try to solve for the other sub-word and main-word.

Unlike in this example, it’s not necessary for the main-word to always have the same number of letters.

Note: Though I’ve carried over the same word (pit) into both the transformations, it’s not a rule. I can carry over either sub-word from the immediately preceding set. So, I can carry over either ‘pit’ or ‘done’ into the third set, but not ‘cure’. I hope the explanation hasn’t been shoddy.


The opposite of restlessness (agreeable + recording medium) ->

Drew, prompted (______ + dunce) ->

Remorseful (_____ + horse’s gait) ->

Betrayers (______ + haughtiness, showing off)

Clue- The first main-word has 8 letters.

I’d label this problem medium, though it depends on the problem solver.

Incentive: Well, it’s not much of an incentive, but still- The first three correct solutions will find their crackers get a special mention in my next post.