Thursday, November 30, 2006

S.O.S in S.A.

Saying that the Indian team is in a rough patch is like calling Mount Everest a speed braker. - Muckshay

Don't argue about Silly Points and blame a Third Man when all you do is Slip.
- Muckshay

Friday, November 17, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Screw-Ups VI- The Lanes They Are A-Choking by Robbed Vylan

The Lanes They Are A-Choking
Artiste- Robbed Vylan

The Times They Are A-Changing
Artiste- Bob Dylan

Cream, lather and bubbles
Work up a foam,
And applied on the face where the beard has grown.
And spread the mix soon,
Or the date will postpone,
If her smile for you is worth saving,
You better start shaving or be skinned to the bone,
For the lanes, they are a-choking.

Come writers and journos
Who scandalize with your pens,
Grab your mikes fast
The chance won't come again.
We've caught the goon
And his head's still in spin.
There's no tellin' when he'll be wakin'.
Move fast now coz we can't drop a pin
For the lanes they are a- choking.

Come cricketers and groundsmen,
Please leave the ball,
If you don't stop your play
They will lock up the mall.
Then he who has thirst
Will see no stall.
There's a traffic outside,
If you go on wielding willows
You'll get only salt,
For the lanes, they are a-choking.

Come lecturers and teachers
Who throw out the lads,
Don't teach the science that you can't understand.
Your son wants his father and your wife has errands,
The main road is rapidly fillin',
Please get on to your luna which is parked in the stand,
For the lanes, they are a-choking.

The line it is long,
The purse it sticks out,
The poor man's sorrow will later be past,
As the peasant now will later be boss,
But the police is constantly staring,
The brave ones now had better be fast,
For the lanes, they are a-choking.